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A Real Family Owned Winery

Kaz / Richard is the winemaker, wife Sandi is the paper shuffeler / wine klub diva, son Ryan is the web design / advertising guy & Kristin is there to always organize  / bottling line speedster. Thanks to Wallace family for allowing us to be at their barn in Lakeport. They are growers of the prized Riesling, CabFranc and Cabernet fruit in Francis Ford Coppolas varietals. The Kaz Vineyard was sold November 2014. As of 2015 all of the grapes to make our wines will come from Lake County. As a family, we still design all of the labels and bottle by hand. Kaz or a family member or a grower mans the new tasting room in Lakeport in Lake County.

Small Production

We started in Sonoma Valley with 400 cases in 1994, got up to 2,000 cases in 2005, 2006 & 2007, but the economy eased us back down to a comfortable 1,000 cases a year. You think we have a small selection? Think again. We only average two barrels per wine which means we've got more options for you than most wineries our size. We also source fruit from Lake County. No distribution for us guys, we make very small batches, too small to support any distribution.

Some of you have come by the winery to find a new name out front. Sorry about that. The new tasting room and wine making facility is at Wild West Winery in Lakeport. Rhonda Hood, after leaving us some 8 years ago, has a great space in the next hot wine region of California. It is a rich valley surrounded by mountains with a lake in the middle. Lakeport is on the western side of the lake. It's a big lake, the third largest in California.

Clear Lake is 19 mi by 8 mi at its widest point, with surface area of 43,785 acres and a 1,155,000 acre·ft capacity. Average depth is 27 ft, maximum is 60 ft lake elevation is 1,329 ft average water temp is 40 °F (4 °C) in winter and 76 °F (24 °C) in summer.

Our 2015 vintage will be even smaller. Where it will settle in we don't know yet. 200-400 cases annually is where the number will go at least in the near future.

Unique Wines

We specialize in Complex Reds, Bold Blends, Rare Varietals (Barbera, Lenoir, Petit Verdot, Petit Sirah, etc,) and Ports like you’ve never seen (red, white and blush!). On top of all of this we do a few other things that set us apart like adding low or no sulfites to our wines, wild yeast when we can. Kaz says: "I don't like to add noth-en, no how, no way!"

As for what varietals we will be making this first year up in Lakeport  - Petit Sirah will be at the forefront, Barbera, Lenoir and some Nebbiolo. We are looking for something white right now.

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