The Wine Trail pass gives you complimentary wine tasting and 10% off select wines at 12 wineries throughout Sonoma Valley. Two options: One-Day Wine Trail Pass = $20/person or Two-Day Wine Trail Pass = $35/person Heart of Sonoma Valley Events

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It's always time for a GIFT CERTIFICATE! They can be used for anything at Kaz Winery or on the web. Select any amount you want. $1 increments. Klubbers will get their 15% discount! Gift Certificate

Visit the Kaz Winery

OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 11-5

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday please call for appointment. 707-833-2536

Tasting Room Fee is $10 per person for 5 wines or ports... We typically have 5-7 red wines, 1-3 ports and try to have a token white wine. Ok, sometimes we even have a rosé... Groups of 8 or more, please call 1st.  $10.00 per person.  

Who you'll meet:
This is one of the few wineries where you can meet the winemaker, vineyard manager / owner all in one visit... Kaz, himself, pours 2 or 3 days a week. Even if he's not around you'll see his infallible mark on his winery. From multiple posters depicting his odd sense of humor to the bar that he built himself. Dallas Munger is our tasting room manager and brings a wealth of talent to the Kaz. Ask him and he might just go into song. Sandi, wife of Kaz, married since 1975, has had to put up with her old man (more than once!). So, she'll be able to take you tasters on!

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