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About Us

Who is Kaz::: Richard Kasmier was an advertising photographer in his past life. After 8 years of award winning amateur winemaking he made the leap to commercial winemaking.

What is Kaz::: A very small, family owned Winery. We have grown all of our grapes with ORGANIC practices since the beginning. We were the first in Sonoma Valley to grow this way!

When is Kaz::: The land was purchased in 1986 and 2.5 acres were planted in 1987. Our Bond 5809, was granted in Aug. 1994. Our first release was 400 cases of vintage 1994 which was made at Wellington Winery where Kaz was a cellar rat.

Where is Kaz today::: He is a grandpa of 4 (soon to be 5)! He is a happy farmer when the weather cooperates. He is a fun winemaker that even allows folks to help in the process of the winemaking . He calls it "Winemaker U". You may be able to sign up for this by sending Kaz an email to He will send you all the delicious details and educate you on how it is for a winery to make wine as well as if you want to learn how to hone your own skills at making this fun thing to drink!

Kaz has a You Tube Channel by Dallas Munger

Staff::: Kaz has great help from his family. Wife, Sandi, is mostly behind the scenes and occasionally in the tasting room. She is an artist in all types of mediums. Large murals to mosaics to photo renderings. Someday she will have a website.

Son Ryan is the look of the Winery. By that I mean, he is the label, ads and web designer! The visual guy! He has his own design company doing logo & website creations. He also helps out in the tasting room on occasion when we get lucky!

Our daughter is often helping out with winery, vineyard & tasting room chores.  She is priceless.

We're also fortunate to have our son in law & daughter in law pinch hitting when needed.

Sarah is our "adopted" daughter of 7+ yrs, helping us out with whatever we throw at her. She has been like a family member. Her real job is at Safari West Animal Park in Santa Rosa. When we send out an email that we need help, she jumps on it like a cheetah! She has been a great help in the tasting room & the guests love her like we do!

Dallas Munger came to us from Broadway Under the Stars, the amazing summer concert series at the Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, which we are a proud sponsor of. Dallas has been an entertainer for over 20 years and has been working in hospitality for most of that time as well. Dallas is a teacher of performing arts for adults with special needs at Alchemia in Santa Rosa, he is our Tasting Room Leader and an award winning local actor, who can be seen from time to time on the best stages in Sonoma County. 

Morgan, another we swiped from Broadway Under the Stars during the off season, is the newest to our team. Although she's more of the behind-the-scenes kinda gal for Transcendence Theatre Company, her shower singing is phenominal! After months of begging, she finally joined our family as a "You Name It." You name it, she's do it (or at least attempt it)! We're putting her to work & honestly she "couln't be happier" - her words, we swear!

Marty Paradise has recently been having fun with visitors to the winery. He is the epitome of the hospitality business with many years in Sonoma & Napa counties doing what he excels in - showing folks a good time. PLUS he's a wealth of info when it comes to food & wine.